Marlin Loins 1kg


Pacific Ocean

The Marlin is a wild large game fish that lives in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Ours Loins have skinless boneless steaks line caught in the Pacific Ocean off Vietnam. 5-6 per pack 1kg bag, 900-gram net. The Marlin tastes delicious and is a healthy addition for many people.

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170-230g, 1kg

Common Name Marlin
Species Istiophoridae
Net Weight (Drained) 900g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Skinless Boneless Steaks
Country of Origin Pacific Ocean
Catch Method Wild

Eating Marlin can be beneficial to your health in that it is a good source of protein, thiamine, vitamin B12, and phosphorus. Thiamine can help in the treatment of beriberi, vitamin B12 is a good source of energy while phosphorus can be necessary for growth and development. Marlin has been shown to be a great source of calcium, iron, and zinc as well as various amino acids such as lysine, glycine, and arginine.

Marlin loins are versatile and easy to prepare for cooking. Although you can eat Marlin raw in Japanese dishes such as sushi, cooking Marlin loins by poaching or grilling are also delicious options.

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